The goal of the project is to establish an electrical connection between Emden-Ost and Conneforde using a 380 kV extra-high voltage line.

The goal of the sub-project is the underground cable connections between the KÜA Strackholt-West and Strackholt-Ost as well as Bredehorn-West and Bredehorn-Ost.

Client: Fichtner & TenneT TSO GmbH

Category: Electricity, grid expansion, erecting mast chair

Project period: 08/2019 – voraussichtlich 2022

Projekt-PDF deutsch
Project-PDF english

Fichtner (project planner and client for D.E.S.) is a project planning and consulting company for infrastructure projects, founded in 1922, based in Stuttgart (Germany).
TenneT TSO GmbH (client) is a German transmission system operator, founded in 2009, based in Bayreuth (Germany).

Part of D.E.S.

  • Construction supervision of civil engineering works
    • approval
    • invoice verification
    • Construction progress documentation, reporting and document management
  • Concrete work of the socket foundations for crossbonding sockets
  • HSEQ monitoring
  • Monitoring compliance with permit / environmental requirements
  • Coordination with the HDD construction management
    • Simultaneous deployment of 4 drilling teams
    • Continuity test
    • Construction progress documentation
    • Monitoring of empty pipe welding